Stepping into the Silence

  • “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”~ Albert Einstein

    Stepping into the Silence…And SURVIVING!

    Best-Selling author, Inspirational Speaker, Life Design Coach, Creative Strategist

    I’ve been blessed to live in New York City for 15 years. Each day I awake to watch the sun warm the brick buildings outside of my window, and I’m still in awe of the energy Manhattan generates. This energy is contagious and once it seeps deep into your bones, well, grand things are bound to happen!

    For over ten years, I owned a successful technology-consulting firm, with two other partners. The business was great, the clients fabulous and creative, and the staff hard working. How did I transition from a career in technology consulting to a fabulous, inspiring and fulfilling career as a best selling author, inspirational speaker, renowned blogger, Life Design coach, creative strategist and thought leader? Well, quite simply, silence.

    In my quest for a deeper spiritual connection and to finally address the nagging sensation I had been feeling at my core for years, I attended a weekend, silent retreat during a snowy February in Connecticut. Up until that point, the amount of silence I had experienced in my life could have fit into a thimble, but I knew if I didn’t shut up and shut out my ego, I would not hear the still, small voice guiding me.

    My anxiety was pretty high: I was not only putting my needs first, something foreign to me, but I feared discovering something that would require leaving my comfortable, safe, and secure lifestyle.

    While on retreat, I had many opportunities to participate in walking meditations – a serene and solitary 30 minutes of crunching through snow with the smell of crisp winter air and snowflakes tickling my eyelashes. Prior to one of those walks, I asked myself this question: “What would you do right now if you knew you could not fail?” Within minutes, I came across a magnificent tree. Her limbs branched outward as if waiting to receive a hug from me and snow clung to tiny green leaves. It was the dead of winter and this was the only tree with foliage. For me it represented strength, growth, and limitless possibilities.

    When I got back to the retreat center and sat in front of the fireplace, images of my tree and the words author, speaker, Life Design, transformation, growth, creativity, abundance, prosperity, and coaching swirled in my head. I wrote in my journal “What are you thinking? Who leaves the success and security of an established company to start over based on a 30-minute walk?” But I knew I didn’t love my current business and believed in my heart that we are not only meant to do what we love, but to live a life rich in joy, abundance, and prosperity while doing so.

    Every morning I wake up with a smile on my face and express gratitude for all the good I have in my life and all that will show up. When your career is a product of divine love, joy, giving back, allowing good to enter, setting daily intentions of positivity and saying yes to experiences, the hard work that goes into what you create feels effortless. By living what I love, I have manifested my divine plan for becoming a part of the conversation and making a difference. I am grateful!

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